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Tipper Van

While every effort is made to supply the make and model requested, in the event of it being unavailable, an alternative will be provided.

  • Licence Requirement: B
  • Required Age: 25-75 years
  • Full licence held for a minimum of 3 years
  • If towing, Licence Requirement: B+E
  • If towing, Required Age: 25-75 years
  • If towing, Full licence held for a minimum of 3 years
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Full Vehicle Details

Tipper vans are popular with the construction, utilities and landscaping industries and are a perfect choice for individuals wanting to do work in their own garden. They offer a cost-effective solution for transporting larger volumes (up to an approximate maximum payload of 1,000kg) of building and landscaping materials or waste from both domestic and commercial sites. It seats three adults.

Vehicles equipped with ball and pin tow bars are available upon request, additional charges will apply.

Business users looking for longer-term hire/ lease options or our professional vehicle sign-writing service, please click here.



Daily Mileage - 250 Miles

Weekly Mileage - 800 miles

Monthly Mileage - 2800 miles

European Mileage - Unlimited

Excess Miles - 15p + VAT

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