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Whilst every effort will be made to supply the make and model requested, in the event of it being unavailable an alternative will be supplied.

  • Licence Requirement: B
  • Required Age: 23-75 years
  • Full licence held for a minimum of 1 year
  • If towing, Licence Requirement B+E
  • If towing, Required Age: 25-75 years
  • If towing, Full licence held for a minimum of 3 years
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Full Vehicle Details

U-Drive are currently offering the Toyota Proace Icon Electric, Medium Panel Van as a Full Electric alternative to the traditional internal combustion engine.

A Van for your business needs, the Proace 50kWh Electric allows you to discover the benefits of Zero-Emission driving efficiency whilst enjoying performance and reliability.

5 Key Reasons to Rent Electric

  • Low running costs
  • Zero emissions
  • Range of 120 miles
  • No compromise on cargo - a payload of 1 ton
  • No queuing at Petrol stations

With 3 seats, and a 5.8 cubic metre cargo area, these vehicles are a real alternative to the tradtional Diesel and Petrol alternatives.  Ideal for business users and trades people operating locally around town.

Business users looking for longer-term hire/ lease options or our professional vehicle sign-writing service, please click here.



Daily Mileage - 250 Miles

Weekly Mileage - 800 miles

Monthly Mileage - 2800 miles

European Mileage - Unlimited

Excess Miles - 15p + VAT

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