Customer Services

Customer Service Policy

At U-Drive we endeavour to provide you with the best possible service at all times. If you would like to make any comments, suggestions, raise a query or make a complaint about the service you have received, please contact us.

We will respond to your query within 5 working days.


All U-Drive Employees will be trained in customer service standards; will exhibit customer friendly service skills; and be knowledgeable, professional and courteous in meeting the needs of our customers.


U-Drive will return all phone calls and emails received from clients within agreed timescales. Where we are unable to meet this agreement we will inform you of this as soon as possible and agree a new deadline.


As part of our commitment to upholding professional standards, we will review our policies annually to ensure that they continue to meet business needs and the BVRLA’s Code of Conduct; and that they are consistently applied to all our customers.

What we ask of our Clients

Treat staff courteously - at all times being fair, polite and respectful, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Give us feedback and inform us of any difficulties they experience, when they arise. Remember that U-Drive will not accept abusive language or threats to its staff and will take appropriate action where these occur.

Privacy Statement

For further information regarding our Privacy Statement, please use the following link:

Questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be addressed in writing to:

[email protected]


If you have a suggestion that you feel will improve the service that we offer, please email us, rewards may be offered for the best suggestions

Email [email protected]


If you have reason to complain about the service offered by U-Drive you should in the first instance contact your nearest U-Drive Location and speak to the Branch Manager. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive please email us with full details, including the Branch Location and rental agreement number.

Email [email protected]