Recent News
1st August 2022
At U-Drive vehicle hire, we are proud to announce our first step towards our sustainability goals, by working with Carbon Footprint Ltd to achieve carbon neutral status! Read More
12th July 2022
There were 7,900 new vans, buses, trucks, coaches and taxis produced by UK manufacturers during May, continuing a strong start to 2022 with five consecutive months of growth. Read More
3rd May 2022
To celebrate U-Drive's 40th anniversary this year, we are offering 40 days of free hire to support charities and those in need in areas local to our branches.  Read More
22nd April 2022
From 21 May 2022, you’ll need a standard international goods vehicle operator licence to transport goods for hire or reward in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Read More
29th March 2022
We are proud to announce the launch of a new business hub in Manchester, as the family-owned and operated vehicle rental company expands into the North West of England. Read More
28th January 2022
Rules for all types of road users will be updated in The Highway Code on Saturday 29 January 2022 to improve the safety of people walking, cycling, and riding horses. Read More
16th July 2021
Our Bristol branch is moving to a new home at Petherbridge Way, BS7 9NZ on the 21st July 2021 - just off the M32 near Ikea... Read More
9th March 2021
Find out more about Bath's Clean Air Zone and how it might affect any HGV you hire from U-Drive. Read More
8th March 2021
| U-Drive, Operations Team|
Find out the opening hours for U-Drive across the Easter holidays for 2021. There's still time to arrange your car or van hire - book online at Read More
7th October 2020
Find out when your local U-Drive Car & Van Hire centre will be open, and how you can reach us during Christmas 2020 and into New Year 2021... Read More